Who We Are:

Welcome to our family. Introducing Richard and Debby Blettner, and our daughters, Sharon and Cherish. We are the core of the TFIWA.com but we our friends and contacts who support us in our work are invaluable to our mission.
Thank you for visiting our web site! The Family International is composed of missionaries who operate on an individual, voluntary basis. We have been operating in Perth for several years.

Our primary goal is that of telling people about Jesus and His love for them individually as a person, and we have found that there are many methods in which to convey this message through our activities with both the poor and those in need, as well as those who are upper and middle class.

Over the years we have been in Perth we have been involved in many projects and initiatives, here we’ll go over our most recent ones along with our goals for the future.

Please feel free to contact us. Thank you for joining us on our journey to Change The World With Love.

What We Do:
Overview of our Work in Perth

Free Hugs!

Where would we all be without HUGS! We give them freely, mostly on special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter and some just for the fun of it! We have frequented Murray Street Mall, but we might venture out more! We began in 2009 and have many more planned on our agendas! Look out for us! Many ask us why we do it, our reply…we are changing the world with love,

Breast Prosthesis Consignments

We have been involved with our consignments of breast prosthesis for 6 years, now. We collect them mainly from the Breast Cancer Care WA (BCCWA) and Breast Care WA.  Richard and Debby are both cancer survivors, and this ministry was a natural course of events for us, to help those, as we ourselves have been helped. God bless those also who are involved in these wonderful ministries. We couldn’t do this without you!

Through our involvement with BCCWA and Breast Care WA, we are able to collect prosthesis, bras, wigs,
Lymphodema sleeves, Chemotherapy head dress, and many other items related to breast cancer patients. Without our assistance many in India and the Seychelles would not be able to receive these benefits that we in Australia appreciate daily.

Having spent many years in 3rd World countries, we see it as a special privilege to be able to help those in such crisis situations, as we were also able to be given help here in Australia.We sent 4 consignments in 2008, and have since continued annually to send consignments overseas.

Click here to read more about this project.

Women’s Refuges

We have been assisting local Women’s Refuges now for over 8 years. We collect fruits, vegetables, bread and bakery produce from the Fremantle and Subiaco Markets regularly, and have been able to provide the women and children, and even the men at the men’s refuges with fresh fruits, vegetables and bread, on a weekly.
One nurse who was visiting one of the refuges we assist, commented on the change she saw in the women from the time they arrived to the time they left, how much healthier they were, and she concluded that our assistance with fresh foods was part of the change!

A part of our Christmas 2007/2008/2009/2010 was to perform for the women and children. Our 2008 show also included a donation of two From Jesus with Love Books; From Jesus with Love for Women and From Jesus with Love for Troubled Times. Both of the Refuges that received these books were very grateful and will add them to their libraries for “Whosoever will to read of the words of life”.We also check frequently about the current needs of the women and the Refuge, and then pro-actively seek to supply these needs.

The response over Christmas was phenomenal and the Refuges were overwhelmed with joy at receiving such wonderful supplies of clothing, shoes, handbags, soaps, candles, food, toys for the kids, sheets, dooner covers and much more. Thanks to all who contributed!

We also performed in one Refuge in 2009 at Christmas as the other one was experiencing a crisis at the time of the appointment, but they both received our gifts of CD Christmas cards.

Children’s Welfare

The Family International makes it a priority to pour into children, as they are the future of the world. Towards this end a wide variety of educational material for children have been produced in the form of: Books, CD’s, DVD’s, and other positive learning environment material.

We have actively made these products available in Public Libraries around Perth. Check your local library today!

You can look for Kiddie Viddie DVD’s, Treasure Attic DVD’s, Stories to Grow By Series Books, Grandpa Jake’s Story Books, with CD and many other products. Please check  www.auroraproduction.com for a complete catalogue, contact me for orders.

Also, with children in mind, we visited Schools, both Primary and High schools. Though we have found the majority of interest in Christian Schools, we endeavored to promote these products also in Public school libraries.  Home Educators are also very interested in these products and we actively endeavor to meet parents and teachers who would like to use these exceptional products.

Bible Studies

Through our distribution of Activated magazines, please see http://activated.org We are finding more and more people who are interested in discovering how to study the Bible. The 12 Foundation Stones Study course does just that! Please write us for more information on either one, the Activated magazines or the 12 Foundation Stones Course. Both will change your life! Guaranteed!

You can now find the 12 Foundations Stones Course Online at: http://12foundationstones.org free of charge. For a more personal touch contact us. For group studies contact us. Enjoy!

2010 Very active in this ministry!

2011-2012: Still available! Write today!

Home Education

We Home Educated our children, from Pre-school to High School. We included plenty of Bible and Christian material; after all we are helping to create the future! This type of education also encourages the children to follow in our footsteps as full time missionaries, reaching out to help those in need, giving them the boldness to stand up and be counted and to make a difference.

Aurora Distribution

Much of our fund-raising comes through our sales of Aurora Products. These products are available through individual sales, and through Retail Outlets. If you are interested in sponsoring our work, please check out: www.auroraproduction.com

Aged Care Centres

We have found that the aged are often so lonely and in need of a visitor, a hug, and a friend. Though we are not able to visit as often as we would like to, we did visit our friends in the local Aged Care Centre ~ Sherwin Lodge. Apart from the children’s singing performance the children spend quality time with the residents afterwards, stay for refreshments and share Jesus’ love with those who desire a hug, or to hold their hand, or share a story with them. We have been told, the children are what the residents look forward to most of all, both the show, the interaction and fellowship.